The People Behind The Streak Project

So who helps to make this project possible?

Bryan Nakata: A PHS student in the class of 2015, Bryan started the project his sophomore year after selecting it from a group of topics for articles. He initially contacted members of the classes during the project to get the Streak rolling. He has also collected pictures and helped run the interviews for the project, and you can read an article written by him in the "What is The Streak?" link. Currently he is producing the documentary while being a full time student at PHS.

Doug Winchell: A teacher of both New Media Broadcasting, Multimedia and Photography classes, Winchelll was the one who originally had the idea of doing a project with The Streak. He acts as Bryan Nakata's supervisor and manager of the project while at the same time making lessons for his classes. He has helped film, interview, and give advice during the production of The Streak. Winchell never fails to help his students produce projects, even when they take time out of his weekend or Summer.

Ryan Vannucci: Ryan acts as a co-producer and helps make decisions when it comes to how the film will look. He along with Doug Winchell will revise the film before its release.  He has also helped film interveiws during the summer and has done other jobs to contribute to the project. He is also a full time student at PHS.

Sue Druffel: Although a member of the group that was interviewed for the project, Sue has helped make the project possible in many ways. As a co-organizer with John Yost of a "Nifty Fifties" reunion for 1950 through 1959 PHS Alumni held in 2000, she was able to give us multiple contacts for us to reach students and players of The Streak era. She also set up interviews with her classmates of 1958 during their 55th Class Reunion held in Pullman the summer of 2013. Currently she collaborates with us to make sure the Streak information is as accurate as possible, as well as answering any questions we may come upon.

Justin Pintak and Mike Crawford: Part of the summer crew, both Justin and Mike helped our interviews run smoothly when we had multiple during a summer reunion of the class of 1958. Graduating in the class of 2014, they will be out of high school before the streak is finished. They will most likely be back in Pullman for the premeire.

Doug Winchell, Frank Blum, and Bryan Nakata during the summer interviews.