What is the Streak Project?

In January of 2013, my sophomore year in high school, I went in to broadcasting class like any other day. My teacher and future supervisor of the project Doug Winchell called a group of us in to a room in order to discuss new article ideas. One that attracted my attention was of emails sent by Mickey Mays to a former PHS principal pertaining to football. I casually selected it unknowing that it would end up taking more than a year to finish. As it turns out, Pullman High School had a 35 game winning streak between the seasons of 1953 and 1957. Not to mention it was the longest in the nation, and nobody at the current high school knew about it. I began to call a few people who were players or students at that time and found out multiple stories that were important to the school and community. Sadly, with most of them living out of state, I knew that these stories could be lost. I made it my mission to create something bigger, the story was much too large for an article. I decided to combine what I had learned in media class to make a documentary film. In the beginning, It was hard to find substance to go with the story. Our school only had one yearbook from that time. Once I called a few players, I got in contact with a few more and it continued like that. We were able to collaborate with them to see when they would be in town for an interview. With each person interviewed we were able to add more photos and memorbilia from their own personal collection.  With help from Winchell, Sue Druffel, WSU libraries, and the Whitman County Historical Society, I spent about eight months in a collection period. Now I have over 1,000 pictures, hours of video and about twenty interviews. I started making the film in early January and its been quite the learning process. I've enjoyed every second making it and hope to finish it by Summer of 2014 for a premiere. I encourage you to learn more about the project by checking for updates on hound central, as well as learning about the people who were there. Just click on any of their pictures to view some information about them.
-Bryan Nakata